Sacred sexuality


Sacred sexuality

Our sexual energy is interesting because it is in fact our life force energy which we also call Chi. This means that it is the basic core energy of our lives.

Everything we do or create comes from this source.

If we stop the flow of our sexual energy or try to avoid it we will stop our own life flow.  In our culture, a lot of fear, shame and guilt have been placed on sexuality. But at its heart, sexuality is about pure love and divine energy.

The source

The union of masculine and feminine energy in lovemaking has the potential of connecting us with the source of life. That space is probably the closest we will ever come to God. When we know how to truly love and worship our partner, we will also know how to love God.

Sacred love means to be completely present and to worship your partner. To honour the divine part of him or her and to be intimate without a thought or a fixed plan. Taking time to tune in, be naked and to connect energetically.

The union of the feminine and the masculine

It is a space where a woman can be in her true nature of active acceptance and a man can be truly giving. And the more we can let our bodies follow and let their inherent wisdom take over and switch off our minds, the deeper we can go.

As a woman I must say that sacred love is probably the most profound thing I have experienced. It is deeply emotional as it releases a lot of physical tension inside, and it is touching on an emotional level because you feel truly seen and loved.

It releases life force energy and gives you a new appetite for life. And it can create a flow of creative energy, which we can use to make things happen in life.

Sacred Sexuality will help us conceive new ideas and bring them to life.

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