Sacred feminine

Sacred feminine

The sacred feminine is the heart and soul of my work.

Both men and women have a feminine side. However in most cultures the feminine powers are not very well recognised – in fact we have been trained to use mainly our masculine side.

We are being trained to be structured; to set goals and be linear, to be forward and outgoing, to plan ahead and have everything under control. Those are all great skills, but there is a whole toolbox of feminine powers that we don’t have access to. And this is a shame because these are some really powerful tools. So let me tell you more about the feminine.

What is the feminine?

The feminine principle is an ability to connect with Mother Earth, to ground yourself and to believe that you can trust the sensations you have in your body – and to know that you can trust life.

It is the ability to lean back and receive. And this can be accessed by having faith and becoming so clear with your boundaries and your worth that you know you won’t be violated by people around you.

It is an intuitive, creative and sometimes chaotic force that taps into the flow of life. So rather than setting a goal and forcing things through at all costs, the feminine principle is about setting strong and clear intentions and being flexible in how you go about realising those intentions. This principle is about following the flow and adjusting the goal and the route accordingly.

Ahhhh yes! This is the flow that manifests luck, serendipity and synchronicity….

When we talk about the sacred feminine it is because every person has divinity within. And if you connect with that you will be able to call in divine support. If you manage to surrender into the knowing that you are supported and safe and let go of control, you will be able to experience what we call luck, serendipity and synchronicity.

The feminine powers

To connect with the feminine principle, we must draw back to a time where women sat in circle and held space for the tribe and the Earth. Back before the feminine was seen as threatening, manipulative and hysterical – and something that man needed to control and conquer.

There is so much power and creation in this feminine principle and so much happiness and light to gain.

We must start to remember and reintroduce the female qualities. Most of us don’t even know what the feminine virtues are. But they are right here for you to access and they are deeply empowering and will invite you to love and respect yourself and let go of control.  Though this might seem frightening, it is deeply rewarding.

The masculine

The masculine is just as important as the feminine, though we have to rediscover the Conscious Masculine. Right now most of the masculine qualities we use, especially in our work life, are in fact the dark masculine forces of aggression, control, demand and possession. They are ruthless and unsustainable and all based on fear.

The light masculine however is very different. It is a powerful and outgoing source, but it is serving and protecting, calm and focused. It is analytical and visionary and kind. And, as you can see, very different from the control and fear that underlie the dark masculine.

Using the light masculine quality means being of service – the dark masculine means trying to control and force things through.

We all have both feminine and the masculine energies inside – and we need both in order to manifest great things in this world. Here I am mainly focusing on the Sacred Feminine but you can hear more about how to marry the two principles, and use both in manifesting anything you want, on the page High Priestess

Honour yourself

For men it may be easier to survive in a culture and in a work life dominated by the dark masculine, but for women it can feel very destructive to suppress the feminine side and to expand your dark masculine side instead.

We can become hard and lose touch with ourselves, and some of us will start hearing a voice inside telling us that something is wrong, and that we are in fact violating our own basic principles.

Time to start honouring your feminine power…

The feminine has a negative electric charge, whereas the masculine has a positive electric charge and is more active. The feminine is passive and magnetic, and it will attract things, people and energy. It absorbs, stores and amplifies energy and potential. Both the good and the bad energy. Therefore you really have to set boundaries and protect yourself from everything you don’t want to absorb in your body or have in your life.

In order to use the sacred feminine powers your job is to set clear intentions, clear boundaries – especially sexually – and dare to lean back and feel worthy of receiving.

This means letting go of stress, worry and fear. Worry is however something we have learned all through our lives. And fear has been passed on to us through generations. So the task is not only letting go of our own fears. We also have to acknowledge and release the fear we have inherited from past generations. And it is not an easy spell to break, but the reward is BIG.

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