High priestess

High priestess

The high priestess is a female archetype from the tarot cards. She speaks to me because she is a powerful manifestor and a powerful woman. She is a woman like you and me, but she knows how to make things happen in the real world – and she knows how to ask for help from above because she is connected to the Divine.

She can guide ceremonies on the earthly plane and bring us in touch with the heavens.  She can also access both the Sacred Feminine and the Conscious Masculine powers. All in all that is a pretty powerful cocktail.

 Manifesting power

There is divine manifesting power in the merging of the masculine and the feminine. And for anyone who wants to manifest something new in their life the high priestess can be a great inspiration. Because she know how to source both masculine, feminine, earthly and heavenly powers.

The way I coach and support you to manifest will draw from all of these qualities. If you want to make something happen in your life, wether it is to do with love work or play, I will take you through a 7 step manifestation process, which you can read more about on the Life Coaching page.

Inspiration from the high priestess

In order to manifest and to make big things happen in this world we need to marry our masculine and our feminine side. We need to know how to access both and balance them in our work.

Untitled2We desperately need the masculine principle if we want to get anything off the ground and make things happen in life. We also need the feminine principle to stay in the flow and be grounded, intuitive, creative and flexible.

Who is she?

The high priestess is the mediator between the heaven and earth, between the masculine and the feminine – between doing and being.

The high priestess represents wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding.

She has a deep, intuitive understanding of the Universe and uses this knowledge to teach rather than to try to control others. She has the power and the wisdom to conduct and make things happen.


She is often described as the guardian of the unconscious. She sits in front of the thin veil of awareness, which is all that separates us from our inner selves.

She knows the secret of how to access our own inner wisdom. She represents spiritual enlightenment and inner illumination, divine knowledge and wisdom. And to work from this space means deeply honouring our inner wisdom and our divinity.

High priestess work is showing up and being truly who you are. Recognising your needs, your vulnerabilities, your beauty and your power, while becoming the creator of your own life and the manifestor of your heart’s desires.

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